Mesothelioma Financial Assistance – There is help available.

MesoCare Financial Assistance

A diagnosis of mesothelioma, like most cancers, can be devastating for the patient and their loved ones. Besides the pain and stress that come with the disease, cancer patients have to deal with the burden of large medical bills, and the uncertainty of how their future incomes may be impacted. The good news is there can be financial assistance available to those diagnosed with mesothelioma and other diseases caused by asbestos.

For many people, a portion of their medical bills is covered by their health insurance plan.

However even with good insurance, medical bills can quickly add up putting the patient and their family in unnecessary hardship.

There are a number of resources available from government sponsored programs and non profit organizations to help you bear the costs of your cancer or the illness of a loved one. There are programs available for the insured as well as the uninsured. At such a trying time, some form of financial advice from someone who has experience with managing money can also be a great relief and additional support.

Often, the best type of support, is mesothelioma specific support, which will be discussed further below.

Discussing Financial Concerns And Finding Solutions

While you and your family learn to cope with the emotional strain of the cancer, you should discuss the important financial questions openly and as objectively as possible. Discussion with the family can help to alleviate the feelings of helplessness that can come with a disease like mesothelioma.

Some basic financial planning and budgeting for new expenses as well as monitoring of cash flow are essential to give you a sense of greater control over your life. Adults should think about having all their important paperwork and wills drawn out and organized to make the process as stress-free as possible for everyone concerned. Professional financial assistance can be a great benefit during this period and give you and your family some peace of mind.

Mesothelioma Specific Financial Assistance Programs

As a mesothelioma patient, you may have several assistance programs and financial solutions that you can turn to for help during this difficult time.

1Attorney Assistance
Unlike most cancers, mesothelioma can usually be traced back to specific exposure to asbestos. Attorneys can help you recover some compensation for asbestos exposure at the workplace or elsewhere. It’s unfortunate that many people do not feel like they can “sue”, because that’s simply not something they’re used to doing. The truth is though, that filing a claim is one of the only ways to bring justice for the corporate negligence that caused the exposure to asbestos. It also will allow you to pay your medical bills, and other expenses due to the asbestos exposure. Experienced law firms can make this as stress free as possible by offering free legal support, filing most of the paperwork for you, and making sure you don’t have to travel or pay any upfront expenses. Compensation to you, for asbestos exposure can vary significantly but the average settlement has been reported to be above $1 million dollars.

If you need help or assistance with this or any of the options below, click here to talk to one of our patient advocates.

2The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Bureau of Primary Healthcare has a number of Health Centers that can provide healthcare to patients from low income groups. The HRSA can provide preventive and primary healthcare along with transportation, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Individuals can locate their nearest Health Center and find out more about the assistance available to them.
3The Veterans Administration (VA) can provide you or your family members with some medical benefits if you were exposed to mesothelioma during your time in service. Many US citizens contract the cancer when they are exposed to asbestos in the shipyards and ships of the US Navy. The VA cancer program can give you easy access to prevention services, detection and treatment services. It also provides assistance to Spanish speakers and some of the information on the VA website is available in Spanish as well.
4Participating in clinical trials funded by nonprofits and federal agencies may help you cut costs if you cannot afford medical care. The Mesothelioma Research Foundation of America (MRFA) is a nonprofit body that funds clinical trials for the disease. They can also help you and your family with more information about the cancer. The Department of Defense and the National Cancer Institute are some federal agencies that fund mesothelioma clinical trials.
5Nonprofit organizations may also be able to help you cover some of the costs of treatments. The organization can offer financial assistance in the form of limited grants for some of the expenses your treatment will force on you.
6The Co-Pay Assistance Program offered by the PAF (Patient Advocate Foundation) can provide some financial help if you meet their eligibility criteria. This program can help you if you have insurance and co-payments for prescription medications and chemotherapy.
7Some pharmaceutical companies offer Patient Assistance Programs that can help you pay for medications. Such programs can give you access to certain drugs that you need, at lower costs. You can speak with your doctor, a medical social worker or even visit the official website of the drug manufacturer to find out if such a program exists. We would also be very happy to help.

If you need help or assistance with this, or any of the options above, click here to talk to one of our patient advocates.

Mesothelioma Specific Financial Assistance Programs

Victims of this type of cancer may also need the support of financial planners and bankers to help them in their time of need.

Planning your budget, managing your money and structuring your finances can become easier with the help of a Licensed Certified Financial Planner. When medication and treatment expenses slowly drain away your money, it can give you great peace of mind to have someone that understands finances help you with managing your money.

If you have insurance, insurance agents can help you with any questions that you may have regarding your insurance program. Never hesitate to ask questions if there is something on your policy document that you are unclear about. Make sure you know exactly what the policy covers you for.

Your hospital billing representatives can also provide some answers to questions about your hospital and physician bill and insurance. If you have insurance, find out whether the hospital or physician is ‘in network’, as this can reduce costs. You and your family should consult with the hospital and your doctor as early into the treatment as possible to discuss insurance or affordable care.

You can speak to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Representatives to find out if they can help you with supplementary sources of income for your prescription costs or some hospital payments.

Financial support during such trying times will help to give you the peace of mind you need. When you have your healthcare costs well planned out and regain faith in your ability to support your family with a little financial help from others, you can focus on recovery and fight mesothelioma with vigor.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, let our patient advocates help you get the best care available. If you need free assistance with finding doctors, the best treatment centers, financial assistance, or more detailed mesothelioma information, contact us today. We are here to help.