Understanding The Impact of Mesothelioma

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While being diagnosed with any type of cancer is a particularly difficult experience, a diagnosis of mesothelioma can be overwhelming. Below are just a few examples of how mesothelioma affects patients and family members, and the types of support that are available.

Depression – depression in both patients and family members may become a problem, often requiring individual counseling sessions.

Serious financial expenses – since mesothelioma is a particularly rare and aggressive type of cancer, which means that the treatment expenses for it are going to be astronomical. Dealing with insurance coverage, hospital stays, prescriptions, radiation therapy treatments is hard enough. When someone in the family is affected, particularly if they brought in a contributing income to the household, this can lead to a dramatic impact on a family when they can no longer work.

Extensive hospital stays – spending days, weeks, and even months in hospitals being treated for mesothelioma and the health problems that arise from it is difficult for the patients and family. Close family often spends a great deal of their free time with the patients.

Benefits of Receiving Support – Patients and Family

Emotional relief – while the pain will still be there, being able to connect with others who have or are going through the same experiences as you is a true relief and can help immeasurably. Having someone there to simply listen helps tremendously.

Bonding – through connecting with others that understand what you are going through, bonds are created. These bonds can be created between family members, friends, or even strangers. The bonds allow people to gain strength and courage, feel some bit of comfort and may even help them find acceptance and closure.

Financial support – being able to have a system of financial support is a huge relief for patients and family members dealing with mesothelioma. One less burden to add to a pile of stressors, and one less thing to occupy their time when it could be spent with people they love.

Types of Support For Mesothelioma Patients and Family

  • Local – finding local support groups may be a bit difficult particularly if you are looking for mesothelioma only – unless you live in a much larger city. Fortunately there are many cancer support groups that will help provide the knowledge, understanding, and emotional support.
  • Phone – there are many phone based support groups for mesothelioma patients and family members. These types of support groups are perfect for when someone is feeling a time of crisis and needs to speak with someone who understands what they are going through.
  • Online – online support groups for mesothelioma account for the vast majority of help that is available. With various Facebook groups, online communities, forums, websites, message boards, and chat groups, patients and family members can find an inexhaustible amount of support available to them.
  • Foundations – various foundations that focus on mesothelioma provide different types of support. Some provide emotional support and have advocates available. Others help families affected by mesothelioma financially, while even more are simply a collection of people available willing to help in any way.
  • Events – 5k walks and other fundraisers are a great way for family members and even patients to get involved and be active. Socializing with others who are affected by this devastating cancer allows for bonds to be created and friendships to develop. Emotional support is there and the knowledge that the fundraisers go towards someday treating the disease is a comforting fact.
  • Financial – getting in touch with support groups can lead you to finding a lot of venues for financial assistance during your troubled times. Many veterans and their families have extensive financial support available to them. Additionally there are many charities that help with the travel expense for treatments, assistance with childcare and food/bills, and even with help paying for treatments altogether.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, let our patient advocates help you get the best care available. If you need free assistance with finding doctors, the best treatment centers, financial assistance, or more detailed mesothelioma information, contact us today. We are here to help.